Dear Friends,

We are writing this letter on behalf of Reddy Janasangam (International) which was registered at Madras in the year 1920 by Raja of Munagala, Sri N Venkat Ranga Rao Bahadur, who was founder President of this Organisation, with the objects of integrating different sects and upliftment of the Reddy Community particularly from rural areas. Two provincial Reddy Conferences held during the years 1917 and 1920 at Nellore under the leadership of Raja of Munagala Sri N Venkat Ranga Rao Bahadur and C R Reddy. The first Executive Committee of the Reddy Janasangam comprised the stalwarts, viz 1. Raja N Venkat Ranga Rao, 2. Sri C.R.Rededy, 3. Raja Bahadur Venkat Rama Reddy, 4. Sri Venkat Reddy of Bollarum, 5. Sri K Adinarayan Reddy of Alleer, 6. Sri Bezawada Chandra Shekhar Reddy of Nellore, 7. Sri Mallidi Sathi Reddy of East Godavari, 8. Sri A V Bhashyam Reddy of Cuddalore, 9. Sri K Koti Reddy of Cuddapah, 10. Sri E.V. Sundara Reddy of Madras. 11. Sri Suravaram Pratap Reddy, 12. Sri Devamani Rama Subba Reddy, 13. Sri Suddapally Ramachandra Reddy, 14. Sri Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy, 15.Sri Kasu Brahmananda Reddy, 16. Sri Marri Chenna Reddy, 17. Sri Kotla Vijaya Bhaskar Reddy, 18. Sri Tarimela Nagi Reddy, 19. Sri Bezawada Gopal Reddy, 20. Sri Thikkavarapu Ram Reddy, 21. Sri Budda Vengala Reddy, 22. Sri Uyyalavari Narasimha Reddy, 23. Justice Konda Madhava Reddy, 24.Sri Prolaya Vema Reddy, 25. Sri Avva Vema Reddy(Dharma Vemana), 26.Raja of Gadwal, 27. Raja of Wanaparthy, 28. Sri Nookala Narotham Reddy, 29. Sri O. Pulla Reddy, 30. Sri D.S. Reddy, 31. Justice A Seetharami Reddy, 32. Sri C Anjaneya Reddy, Rtd., I.P.S.(RTD), and others.

This stellar group made tremendous contributions to our Community by creating cropus fund to award scholarships to deserving poor students, who came from rural, agriculture families. After formation of Andhra Pradesh, the office of the Reddy Janasangam was shifted to Hyderabad. The activities of the Organisations their was to essentially confined to awarding scholarships to poor and meritorious students to enable them to pursue higher education on account of limited financial resources.

The Reddy Community is facing number of challenges, due to various legislations, mainly agriculture land ceiling, being a predominantly farming community. Added to this reservations in educational institutions employment and promotions in the Govt services. Hence it is imperative and our borden of duty to encourage the boys and girls for getting into professional colleges and enterprises. The Reddy Janasangam has to take initiation and perpare road map to achieve this goal. This will be in the long term interest of the community to invest in education particularly at the school level, with a thrust on Girls education. A string of schools imparting quality education would not only bring about a better cohesion in the Community but also prepare the Boys and Girls to fit into this competative world as it is becoming more and more competitive.

In the recent years, there has been lot of increase in the number of applications for scholarships. However the corpus fund did not grow proportionately as expected. Thus this Organisation is unable to meet the need of many deserning students. To meet this situation the Reddy Janasangam needs to be strengthened by raising funds to fulfil the dreams of the pioneers. To achieve this aim, the worthy goal, we should strive to raise at least 10 crores as Corpus Fund and the entire interest accured from corpus fund will be used towards awarding scholarships. Reddy Janasangham will not touch single pie from this Corpus fund it is the tradition of Reddy Janasangham is maintaining traditions to exhibit photos of donors in the office who donate Rs.1.00 lakh and above and this will be continued to inspire others and future generations. The efforts made so far to build a sizable corpus fund is not to our satisfaction even though our community has no doubt, prospered over the years.

It is our sincere appeal to come forward magnanamously to support deserving poor youngsters and which will make difference in their lives and continue the tradition started by our elders. The amount donated by you will be used for scholarship and awarded in your name or in the name of departed person which will be remembered for generations. It is pertinent to mention here that the donations given by you are exempted under Income Tax Act.

K.Venkat Reddy Salla Chandra Reddy
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