Funds & Finances

Funds of the RJS consists of membership fee and the donations from the philanthropists.

Inspite of great personalities managing the institution from the very beginning with support of community much has not been done to raise funds to the expected level.The small capital that was raised was preserved well and the activity of helping the deserving students of the community continued without break.There was no relenting on this account.

When the office of the Reddy Jana Sangha was shifted to Hyderabad after states Re-orgaization,the total fund available was Rs 3,15,000 that is in the year 1957.Fund raising picked up from the year 1999 with NRIs individual donations and the local Reddy realizing the need to strengthen the organization due to the efforts of the Management.

The funds position increased year after year as under

2000-2001 Rs 47,70,767
2001-2002 Rs 49,93,767
2002-2003 Rs 65,08,617
2003-2004 Rs 1,10,36,869
2004-2005 Rs 1,15,39,869
2005-2006 Rs 1,34,86,369
2006-2007 Rs 1,69,50,235
2007-2008 Rs 1,95,02,389
2008-2009 Rs 2,19,31,801
2009-2010 Rs 2,25,68,761
2010-2011 Rs 2,35,02,500

In raising the funds the encouragement,support and help given by Sri C.Anjanaya Reddy,IPS retired is unparalleled.His patronage is indeed a blessing to the organization.

Sri K.Laxmikanth Reddy secretary for over a decade and Dr C.Vasundhara Devi president during 2002 to 2005 with her team of committee members did yeomen service in bringing the fund position to Rs 125 lakhs.

Accounts & Audit:- The RJS maintains regular accounts and they are audited regularly by charted accountants.The audited receipts and payments;the balance sheet for
2004-2005 are furnished.

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