Who We Are

The Founders
The Initiative was taken by

  • Shri Nayani Venkata Ranga Rao Bahadur, Rajasaheb of Munagala

  • Cuttamanchi Ramalinga Reddy, famous as Sir C.R. Reddy

  • Kotireddi Kotireddy of Cuddapah

Other members of the founding committee

  • Rai Bahadur S. Venkat Reddy of Bollaram

  • K. Adinarayan Reddy of Allur, Nellore district

  • Bezawada Chandrasekhara Reddy of Nellore District

  • Malladi Sathi Reddy of East Godavari District

  • E. V.  Sundar Reddy of Madras

The Objective of the Reddy Janasangaham as enshrined in the original memorandum Registered in the year 1920 are.

To promote the well-being of the reddy community in the madras presidency and to safe guard their rights and interests. 2. To secure the fusion of the several subjects of reddy community .

And to attain these objectives the following measure were to be employed.

  • To provide and maintain Hostel for reddy students.
  • To provide scholarships for deserving reddy students.
  • To publish books, pamphlets, journals Etc.
  • To Co-operate with order bodies having similar objectives and do what ever is necessary for attainment of the above objectives.

The amendments carried out in the original Memorandum of Association changed the name of Reddy jangha, to that Reddy janasangham. The objective were revised to cover.

  • To promote well being of the members of the community and to safe grand common interests.
  • To strive for social, educational cultural and economic upliftment of the community.
  • To inculcate scientific temper and rational thinking within the community to be inn tune with evolving technological Advancement.
  • To raise funds through donations & Memberships.
  • To establish units of Objective o the Reddy Janasangaham at district level
  • To establish vocational and other Educational institutions and hostel for students of community.
  • To provide scholarships extending monetary supports to deserving students of the community on the basis of merit and means of the students.
  • to publish books, periodical , and journal
  • to establish Hostel for working women, old age homes, community Halls, and Counseling centers.


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