The Management of Sangham vests in a Managing Committee consisting of 19 members elected by the General body. The term of the office of the managing committee is three years. The managing committee Comprises of .

  • President
  • four vice Presidents
  • A general secretary
  • A secretary
  • A Treasurer and
  • Eleven committee Members.

The following are the Managing Committee Members now in office, Elected on 3.07.2008 for a period of three years.

reddy jana sangham management committe

  • Sri Salla Chandra Reddy, President
  • Smt. P. Shermista Devi, Vice-President
  • Sri Theegala Bal Reddy, Vice-President
  • Mrs. M. Sucharitha Reddy, Vice-President
  • Smt. P. Kamala Devi, Vice-President
  • Sri K. Venkat Reddy, Gen. Secretary
  • Sri K. Raja Reddy, Secretary
  • Sri Kallem Ram Reddy, Treasurer
  • Dr. B. Satyanarayana Reddy, Member
  • Sri Sama Indrasena Reddy, Member
  • Dr. Pola Seshi Reddy, Member
  • Sri Malladi Raja Reddy, Member
  • Smt. K. Anita, Member
  • Sri Theegala Janardhan Reddy, Member
  • Smt. T. Jayaprada, Member
  • Sri M. Dayakar Reddy, Member
  • Sri Konda Chandra Prakash Reddy, Member
  • Sri. B. Ranga Reddy, Member
  • Sri E. Ramachandra Reddy, Member
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