Reddy Jana Sangha Foundation U.S.A

Some of the NRI Reddys,who were benefitted from the scholarships of the Reddy Jana Sangham, and few other Reddys who have great appreciation for the great and constant efforts put in by the Reddy Jana Sangham Hyderabad,with a view to give a helping hand to the RJS to expand/extend its activity further established a Reddy Jana Sangha Foundation USA in 1996.The founders of the U.S.Foundation put in great effort to enroll like minded US NRIs as also to raise funds .Dr.Madhusudan Reddy and his team of office bearers did a great deal of spade work both for enrolling members and raising funds.The funds raised were invested in USA itself and yield was passed on/remitted to RJS Hyderabad every year as agreed to between them,for sanctioning additional Scholarships.    

   The Reddy Jana Sangha foundation USA passed on the following funds to RJS Hyderabad from the year 1988-89 to 2007-08

   1998-1999                                      Rs 3,00,000-00
   2000-2001                                      US $ 6,700-00
   2001-2002                                      US $ 7,304-00
   2002-2003                                      US $ 3,900-00
   2003-2004                                      Rs 3,67,751-00
   2004-2005                                      Rs 1,97,389-00
   2005-2006                                      Rs 2,19,818-00
   2006-2007                                      Rs 3,04,610-00
   2007-2008                                      Rs 3,03,487-00
   2008-2009                                      Rs 3,36,502-00
   2009-2010                                      Rs 2,32,042-00
   2010-2011                                      Rs 2,13,382-94
   2013-2014                                      Rs 2,15,530-00
   2014-2015                                      Rs 3,05,763-00
   2015-2016                                      Rs 3,78,000-00

 The Reddy Jana Sangha Hyderabad sanctions scholarships in the name of RJS Foundation (USA) to the extent of their remittance and passes on information to them.
 WIth the US economy looking up Dr.P.Pratap Reddy,present President Chairman of RJS Foundation,hopes to increase their contribution.

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